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The Art of Presence with Parenting
The Art of Presence with the Dying
The Art of Presence with Caring and service to others
The Art of Presence with Reflexology
The Art of Presence in Relationships
The Art of Presence with the self
Listening and the Art of Presence
The Art of Presence with Health Practitioners

Each of these areas I will elaborate on further over the coming weeks.

The Art of Presence and Reflexology
The present moment creates a magical space for awareness and transformation. Reflexology is a very effective practice for releasing tension and stress allowing easier connection to your true nature. Take the time to breathe and explore feelings, sensations and evaluate responses to life. Align your body to its natural and amazing ability to heal and support you in this life. If you are wanting to create a better, healthier you the Art of Presence with Reflexology is a great place to start.

The Art of Presence and the self

Making time for self, breathe and be present to the feelings and sensations arising from within. Not reacting, just noticing. Being curious and digging deeper to what is the underlying needs. Pausing from having the answers or exploring the problems to just be. This is the journey of spiritual growth. Becoming aware of habitual responses, habitual beliefs we can then choose to Respond differently from  the present moment. Thoughts are powerful creators. Thoughts are as powerful as the spoken word. Deliberately changing our thoughts to positive and life affirming creates positive and life affirming experiences.