Reflexology is an ancient art that recognises the connection of the feet hand and hear and ears to the whole body.  Working on specific areas of the hands head, ears and feet directly affect the related body parts. It is a safe and efficient way to identify and address congestion and dis-ease in the body and improve energy flow, nourishment and elimination.

Pathways reflexology uses are, nervous and circulation, endocrine and the Chinese Meridian pathways,  energetic pathways and zones. To name a few.

Expected results from treatments. Deep relaxation, feelings of well-being and flexibility, improved circulation,  release of tension and pain, emotional release and detoxification. Greater connection to others and sense of purpose and identity.

Current Services available: 

Head hand and feet massage and reflexology available for aged care  and disability by registered nurse.

Training for hand head and feet massage for carers and registered nurses

Geelong Night Jar Market Fridays in February Johnson Park

Pop up clinic Vines Road last Thursday on the month

Private consultations in Jan Juc, Surf Coast Vic

Advocate for healthy aging, from the heart.