Stop …..Pause….

Just for now allow everything to be as it is

Be aware, relax, breathe

Let go of control

There is nothing to do, nothing to find

Peace and stillness is our inherent nature

Always there

before thought    before feelings     before beliefs   before personality

is Awareness   Consciousness   Spirit



The Art of Presence is the cultivating of awareness of ourselves, our reactions, our thoughts, the impact we have on others. It is about being present, still, and listening to others and the world around us. It is mostly about non-action and just being. It offers stillness and rest as well as aliveness and vitality. It is observing life but not getting caught up in the stories. Enjoy the journey into self discovery and happiness. Being Present in Awareness of Awareness.


The Art of Presence

Presence is the grounding of conscious awareness in the body. Being still, listening deeply to life itself. Letting go of thought, judgement, shoulds, must haves and simply being present to the moment. Returning home to your essence. It is always with you but is clouded by stories created by the mind. Like the blue sky …


Catharine Brown

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